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New Earth Frequency is Here!!

Hello, beautiful Souls!


 If you have been following me in the past year you know I  have talked much about ascension and how we are on a journey to higher energetic living.  

It is time to really dig into this and I want to fully express what this means in practical terms.  

You see, we- the ones who have chosen (either consciously or unconsciously) to evolve and grow into our original hu-man evolved Selves have been preparing for what is happening energetically on this planet.  

I have been talking about the energy of the New Earth for a solid year now.  I have been working with the Earth’s grids- helping to birth this energy into our planet. 

It has recently fully landed and anchored into the Earth. 


What is this energy?  This is a high frequency energy of Love that is divinity in its purest form.  This is Oneness.  This is Creation.  This is what we have been waiting for.  

Many call this Heaven on Earth. 

It has now fully landed and we are able to access it now!


✨✨Here’s the thing.  This energy is of such a high vibration that we must now raise our own hu-man vibration in order to connect with and utilize this New Earth energy ✨✨✨


Think of it this way.  We have been operating on a low vibrational energy.  One that was in fact absolutely distorted and manipulated so that we as humans-mans became trapped in the low vibrations, forgot who we were and created our own prison in the midst of it all. 




We as a human race completely separated from our divinity. 


It’s time to next level.  

It’s time to UPlevel.  

It’s time to take a hold of the New Earth energy field.  


The old energy field (many call this 3D) is crumbling.   Old structures and ways of doing set up in this old energy are crumbling.  It’s all being torn down.  Dismantled.  Becoming obsolete.  So we can shift into the higher frequency of New Earth.  The raising of humanity.  The restoration of the hu-man divine blueprint.  The remembrance of who we actually are as a Soul.  The discovery and RECOVERY of our spiritual energetic technology that allows us to co-create really awesome and absolutely blissfully human experiences on this planet. 

It’s time to remember it allllll.  


The energy is here. 


How will you connect with it?

I have been called to create a 10 Day Immersive within a community setting that will give you the framework to up- level time and time again.  You will want this framework, as it will allow you to anchor into the Earth and receive the Light that is streaming in WITHOUT getting swept away or pulled into the chaos that you may see in the outer word as this massive awakening happens.  The old world is crumbling and there will continue to be a stretch felt in humanity as we are pushed to let go of the old and open to the new.  YOU will have the knowledge and tools to move through it with awe. wonder and stability and YOU will be able to utilize the New Earth Energy to magnetize miracles to YOU because of the work you have done in the Immersive.  

Let's get it!

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Healing Light Energy Work


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