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About Me


Welcome to Healing Light Energy Work!

I’m Cim, owner and testament to this work. 

About me:

Lemme set the stage.  Several years ago I am 35 years old, a mother of three. Wife. Healthcare worker. And miserable. 

Looking for answers. Searching for cures. Diagnosed with “chronic fatigue” and told there are no real solutions. Lab work: normal. Routine tests: all fine.  For years. 

But it was NOT fine. 

Dragging my body around. Feeling run down, heavy in my body, and hopeless.  Forced to gradually whittle down my hours at work to the minimum. Sleeping 14+ hours a day and still feeling exhausted. Soul tired. And hopeless. 

I survive on sheer will power and even that is thread bare. My husband picks up the slack. I pull a chair over to the dishwasher so I can take a break as I unload the dishes. 

I try different diets. Vitamins. And pay for specialty doctors. Mild improvements here and there but nothing sticks. No real solutions. 

One of them suggests grounding. Hmmm connection with the Earth. Ok, I can stand barefoot on the grass. Another suggests guided chakra meditation. Well yes, I am open to this….

I am led to gem stone healing- well this is pretty neat…. They sure are pretty. 

Fast forward two years and I am guided to see a Pranic Healer. Ok well this sounds kinda… unconventional but hey- I need some big time help and I am starting to feel a sense of direction and flow so I just go with it. 

I’m glad I did. 

Because let me tell you- being OPEN to the mind, body, spirit connection has literally changed my life.  

As I received Pranic Healing (with later addition of Reiki and gem stone healing modalities) I believed. I felt different. 

Sometimes gradual and sometimes big shifts. But I finally had forward movement!  Heck yeah, I wanna know more about this!  

Energy work deals with a person’s many parts- the energy body itself being an integral and vital role in one’s physical, mental, and emotional well being. 

An imbalance in one’s energy body can throw off the physical body and we see these symptoms of dis-ease when this condition has become chronic. 

Through Pranic Healing, Reiki, and gem stone healing one’s energy body can be revitalized. Stuck, discordant energies can be cast out and Prana, or life force energy can be added.  All parts of the body can be integrated and balanced resulting in a connected and cohesive being. 


This is where it’s at. 

Multifaceted connection. Connection and communication of all your parts- energetic, mental, physical, and emotional bodies uniting as one cohesive unit in sync with Universal Life Energy. 

Sounds too far out there?  I get that. 

In the words of one of my great friends, “Think less. Feel more.”

Woah, ok that’s too simple?  

Then again, maybe not….  You get to decide. 

To say that my journey has been a straight and “easy” path would be far from the truth. 

I CAN tell you that as I continue to practice energy healing and walk my own path I receive a growing sense of inner wisdom and interconnectedness with the Divine and life on this planet. 

I know that as I take one step the next will be revealed. I know that I am here to help people heal and find their own path to health, happiness, and connection. 

Are you ready to take a step?

In love, gratitude and service,


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