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Body.  Mind.  Soul. 

All are connected.  And, as such, each part affects the whole being.  

Physical ailments, emotional stress, and psyche disconnect- all can lead to an unbalanced energy system.  Which can result in symptoms of dis-ease and loss of vitality.

Rock Balancing

Common Symptoms of Dis-ease in a Misaligned Being

Examples of Conditions That Can Be Treated with Energy Healing

Physical Dis-ease

  • Chronic conditions of pain and inflammation

  • Migraine Headaches

  • Low vitality 

  • Ongoing infection

Emotional Dis-ease

  • Repression of unexpressed grief

  • Feelings of overwhelm 

  • Negative and hypercritical thought patterns

  • Mood instability

Mental Dis-ease

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

Spiritual Dis-ease

  • Apathy

  • Disconnect from Universe, Source, and Mother Earth

  • Lack of purpose and connection with one's true self

Reiki Healing

What is an "Energy Healing and Alignment Session?"

What To Expect

During your treatment I will have you relax, get into a comfortable position, and connect with your breath.  There may be some soft music playing.  The goal is to have you connect with all parts of yourself and to become mindful and open.

I will intuitively scan your inner and outer auras and assess your main energy centers, or chakras, for energetic blocks, cords, stuck energies and used up dis-eased energy. 

Next, I use Pranic Healing sweeping  technique to essentially "reach into" your energetic body and pull out the discord, removing it from your being entirely.  

After your energy body is cleaned up I work to restore and balance your energetic field.  Ideally, one should have a free- flowing light column that runs from the crown chakra at the top out your head down through the center of your physical body to your root chakra at your tailbone.  The crown is open and connects to the heavens above and the root is strong and grounded deep into Mother Earth.  

To align, energize, and balance your energetic body  I will use Pranic Healing skill of adding Prana, or life-force energy to some areas of your being.  I will seal up your aura, allowing you to maintain energetic boundaries and allow the Prana to remain with you as is most appropriate for your health and well-being.

Following your treatment I will provide you with affirmations or points to reflect upon or ponder- for energetic cleansing and healing sessions can move a lot of energy, but it is our duty to continue to seek out the root causes of our imbalances and symptoms of dis-ease.  

Seek answers and you shall find.  Take a step towards your highest health and well-being.  I'll walk with you!

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